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03.09.2021 | Helpful

Do you like reading or listening?

Good news - with the TPU library you can do both without leaving your smartphone, because now we have an annual subscription to the LitRes database!

Electronic and audio books for study, for self-development and, of course, fiction, as well as ratings of the best books, reviews, reviews, recommendations, popular authors - in the new resource "Litres: Library"! Completely free for the library readers - light and serious, history and psychology, business and hobbies, educational, popular science literature and novelty fiction.

Choose books from those already offered in the section "In the library"  and enjoy reading. Or listening? Try both! 
All you need is to get a username and password from the administrator. How to do it - in the instructions.

Link to Liters database:

Application form: Бланк-зааявка на регист. Литрес_пользователю.docx   (in Russian)

Instructions: Инструкция по Литрес_0402.docx  (in Russian)



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