About The Library

Mission and tasks of the Center for Digital Education

The library fund comprises 2.4 million publications of technical, natural science, humanitarian, socio-economic profile. The fund includes scientific and educational literature, including periodicals, information and abstract journals on paper and electronic media, dissertations, dissertation abstracts, regulatory and technical and patent documentation, rare books and manuscripts.

NTB has a rich and rapidly growing collection of digital materials.

The library website makes it possible to order literature from the NTB funds through an electronic catalog and track the execution of the order, view abstract journals, use the resources of domestic and foreign databases, use textbooks and teaching aids from electronic collections.

A complex of information and library services is provided in different zones of the library.


It all starts with the registration desk. It maintains a database of 19.5 thousand library users; library cards are issued and extended. Comfortable conditions for information search have been created in the catalog hall. The library receives about 30 thousand new editions annually. Students and staff of the university get acquainted with new publications at the exhibition of new acquisitions, which is updated weekly.

On library subscriptions, students and teachers receive books at home for a period from several days to one academic year.

The subscription for educational literature has funds with the most popular publications and works on the basis of a book depository, from where books are received on request.

The subscription to fiction has 25 thousand classic and modern domestic and foreign editions in the public domain.

The library reading rooms are a space for independent work. Each room has comfortable conditions for learning.

In the halls of technical, humanitarian and foreign literature, there is an opportunity to work with printed books, magazines, reference and information materials that are freely available. For the study of foreign languages, 15 thousand publications have been collected, including sets of authentic literature and audio-video materials for them from well-known world publishers.


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